Tribal History

Over a decade ago, Technotribe's founder Jim Cudney had an idea that a successful digital media agency could be developed within the limitless bounds of the digital world. Removing the constraints of the cubicle world would allow free thinking digital professionals all over the world to connect and come together as a team or tribe, specifically formed for each project’s unique requirements. So he sought out independent creative, technical, strategic and management experts to help him launch his dream - a digital media communications company operating as a virtual organization. And in 1997, Technotribe Communications was born.

By drawing on the strengths of the digital, networked communications medium, Technotribe has thrived under this unique business model. Thirteen years later, Technotribe has established long term professional relationships that provide expert resources and custom teams for our core competencies:

  • Project Management And Strategy
  • Content Development
  • Site Architecture And Interface Design
  • Web Programming
  • Ecommerce Solutions
  • Site Statistical Reporting & Analysis
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Web Hosting

Learn more about the core Tribe Members, then, contact the Tribe to see how we can work with you.