At Technotribe, the path we've forged is designed to address the needs of businesses just like yours. It's about connecting with your business, focusing on your goals and communicating your message in a way that works.

Our Methodology

Technotribe approaches every project with a proven methodology for creating a successful digital media-based solution for any business need. Here's the path we follow:

  • Definition - We get to know your business, your needs and your goals. We begin every project by doing our homework, exploring the business needs, technical considerations and creative possibilities, so we can design, develop and deliver the most effective solution for your unique situation.

  • Design - Here's where we really work together. We take all the content and ideas you can supply, combine them with your dreams, needs and goals, and supply you with a detailed snapshot of your customized solution. Flow charts, graphic design comps and design documents help us refine the vision together.

  • Development - The fun begins as the vision comes to life. Storyboards and graphics emerge as web pages, databases, CD-ROM, video and other digital media. And what was once just an idea is now a full-functioning reality.

  • Delivery - As important as it is to have a solution, you need a way to get your message heard. That's why our methodology includes this essential phase. Whether the need is technical or user testing, onsite supervision, web hosting, label design (for CD/DVD and video) or an online marketing campaign, we plan for it and deliver.

See how our Path gets you to your Destination. Then, contact the Tribe to see how we can apply this proven methodology to your next project.